A 4-day forest festival to grow your Creative Journey

February 20—23, 2020 • Jim Corbett National Park


F of X is a unique festival for Creators & Creative Rebels.

A 4-day experience to grow your creativity, amplify your voice, discover your magic and belong to a creative tribe.

250 Creators x 30 Guides x 1 Forest Festival

Wild call to the ones that (want to) lead a creative life.
Founders, Professionals, Rusty Creators, Corporate Misfits and explorers from Art, Music, Design, Fashion, Film, Food, Photography, Tech and genres that are yet to be defined.


Welcome to a bigger & better F of X

The first edition of F of X sold out and the festival received 1000s of applications from across the country. 40 Creators + 250 Creators selected from over 2000 applications showed up for India’s first residential festival in the forests.

With F of X, our intention has always been to create a safe space that we wish existed as creators & be the curator of good vibes + creativity. We have taken all our learning and put it in creating a brand new season of F of X 2020. We are now open for applications.

~ Say hello at hello+goodvibes@theex.co
if you like what we are upto and would love to work with us.


Making of a Creator

Unlike other festivals, F of X is designed for Creators. The space is a combination of the heart, mind, body and soul - the 4 elements important for every creator. Each space is curated and will invite Creative Leaders, Doers & Visionaries for thought-inspiring talks, sessions & workshops.


Passion, Purpose Conversations

Sessions and spaces for meaningful conversations, stirring the heart and allowing personal growth.



Insights, Hacks & Learnings

New information is everywhere. In the classroom we dive deeper know hows & explore new tools for growth.



Wellness for the Creator Inside

Spiritual experiences that expand the mind and the body, stirring the soul that allows realignment and decluttering.



Space to Move, Shake & Create

Dynamic, Hands-on Workshops that allow artists, creators to engage with new materials and devices.


F of X is an invite-only festival.

250 Invites left


 It’s not just a festival, but an exploratory space where you will experience..

magic. acceptance. forest. immersive art installations. mind bends. discomfort. beautiful guides. binaural beats. twenty-somethings. business as an art form. how to live life and like it. classrooms. realism. bizarre amounts of hope. life hacking. self embrace. freedom. photoshoots. yoga. group laughing. relational development.  education. aligning brain body heart soul and future. big questions. personal awakening. self love. expansion. road trip. meditation. weirdos. empathy.. insane amounts of stars. introvert hand holding (or not). debates. pedestal kicking. eye contact. business as an art form. pizza. tripping. long walks in the woods. blue river. site + sounds. trains. encouragement. foundation. new friends. independent. soul finding. the unknown. falling on your face. community building. unintentional awkwardness. human therapy. laughing. short walks. food. group hugs. group crying. entrepreneur. 3am coffee. the afterlife. safe spaces. video 102. cold nights. one stoplight. and blazers. loud noises. vulnerability. musical ambiance. dancing. embrace. love. 


A Festival designed with Data + Magic

fofx is designed by the creators of Roadtrip Experience Project & Beachhouse Project with a lot of thought, good energies and hardcore data. Over the years, The Experience Co. has created 20+ projects designed for creators in India & South East Asia, enabled over 100+ collaborations and received over 10,000 applications from creators across the world - giving us access to tons of insights & mind-blowing understanding of what Creators need today.

Pictures from Roadtrip Experience Project & Beachhouse Project

If you want to send us your thoughts / feedback on any aspect of the festival, you can always write to the founder at jay@theex.co.


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Read all FAQs here: fofxfestival.com/faqs/


How to get to fofx?

Ride on the X Bus from New Delhi to Jim Corbett instead of going through the hassle of planning your travel. Meet your fellow creators even before you get there,

We will send all the information about the flights and pickup points along with your invite to help you plan your travel better.

Why is fofx needed?

First of all, we ourselves wished fofx existed - a space where we could exchange perspectives, find collaborators and grow our creative journeys. Second, in a country of a billion people, we don’t have one big creative festival that brings everyone together. That’s not cool!

Plus with our 5-years experience in creating interventions for creators and enabling collaborations we have realised the infinite potential in bringing creators together.

Do I need to be a creator to get an invite?

Short answer, no.

fofx is a space for anyone who wants to stay creative, start a creative business or grow their creative journey. It’s for the ones who are creators but also for the ones that are just getting started or the corporate misfits and ex-creators who lost touch with that side of their lives.

The programming of the festival ensures value for everyone.

Are we sustainable/eco-sensitive?

fofx is designed a with sustainability-first mindset. We are aware and conscious about the venue of the festival. The festival will be produced in the most eco-friendly way possible and will follow all the environmental guidelines in the area in partnership with the resort.

Will I get time to sleep?

Good one! Unlike other conferences, fofx is a residential festival - which means everyone stays together and lives together. The sessions will run till 10pm every night and post that you are free to carry on the conversations through the night or go crash. No Pressure.

Can I showcase my work at the festival?

Yes, creators attending the festival can also present/showcase their work at the open mics on one of the days or get a physical space to showcase their creative business/projects. For the latter, write to us at hello@theex.co.

Is fofx a safe space for attendees?

Absolutely! fofx is a festival for creators to jam and grow; creating a safe space where ideas can flow organically, conversations are effortless is very important. Apart from designated areas for the attendees, the festival will have security, a 24-hour dedicated team for any safety-related issues. You will always have someone you could speak to nearby.

Why is the festival invite-only?

With curation, the aim of the festival is to bring the best intentions to the festival. Creating a vibe tribe and a positive energy also comes from the same intention. Moreover, it’s a conscious decision to keep the festival small and cozy so everyone gets time to get to know their fellow creators better.

Can I get a grant to attend the festival?

The festival will send grants/invites to few select applicants, and the decision would solely be made by the curators looking at the applications. So go ahead and apply for it now!