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The f(x) equation


What is f(x)?

This question is for the ones that refuse to settle, the ones that are curious and driven by purpose, the ones that are not afraid to take leaps of faith and making things happen. The ones that want to dive deeper and indulge in trajectory changing conversations.

A Meaningful Life = F(x) max

Where x is a value that you have always looked for when making important life turning decisions of your life.

Give me an example?

For us the x has always been stories, creating stories. Enabling others to do more and be more. Everytime we have been at a juncture with what we do, where we had to make a decision that was either right or left, this x has been the single most factor that helped us make that decision.

Without over simplifying life, this equation for us means if we can keep creating and collecting stories, we would be leading a happier and livelier life.

What is your f(x) max?

Come explore what your f(x) is through these four spaces that would invite a string of inspiring speakers to help you do more, be more.

What are these spaces?

To lead a creative life or a life of purpose these four things need to work in sync inside us.

The first one is the Heart: F(πŸ’“). This is where intention comes from. The intention to create, make a difference, our passion. The heart needs what it needs and that’s why in the heart space you will find others like you are ready to stir themselves up.

The second one is the Mind : F(🧠). This is where knowledge comes from, the hacks, the strategy to make things happen. In this space you will learn how others have made things happen, the approach to scale or the approach to happen to the world.

The third element is the Soul : F(πŸŒ€). The soul is all about balance, exploring the world inside, speaking and understanding your inner conciousness. You will find yourself next to the river, experiencing calm while you realign and reset.

Hands, the fourth element : F(βœ‹) represents the skills or the act of creativity. This space is all about getting in on the action, creating something from nothing and try your hand at something you have never experienced before.