Tribe Invite: Everything you need to get going!

Come join 150 Creators, 30+ Speakers & the tribe that we have been building.



Why are we doing this?

In a country of a billion people there is not a single meaningful creative conference out there. That's not cool! So we decided to take it on our shoulders. Coming Feb, we are bringing 150 Creators x 30 Creative Leaders for India's first residential creative festival. To spice things up, it is happening in Jim Corbett National Park. Imagine waking up in a riverside forest resort, learning from the best & exchanging ideas with creators like you.

We are extending the festival to also become a space for the Tribe to reunite from all editions of RTX & Beachhouse Projects. <3 We know you all have been asking for it and there couldn't be a better way to make it happen.

Bonus: As you are already a part of the tribe, we wouldn't want to charge the actual festival price from you. So we are making it at cost for you lovelies. 

We are so excited about this reunion and experiencing magic with you once again. This is going to be a fantastic way for the tribe to meet their own, continue the conversations while having a lot of fun, meeting other awesome people and attending F of X. While we are making this happen for you, we also expect that you will support the F of X team and come to the festival as part of the team and not outsiders. :) We will reach out to you 2-3 days before the festival for the same.


  • Raghava KK - First AI x Art Curator, Creative Counselled Oprah & Jeff Bezos, Artist

  • Mohit Satyanand - Early Investors in Jaipur Lit Fest, Produces JLF and other global properties in 3 continents

  • Creative Indians (Rohit & Manil) - They have documented all the coolest creators of India from Rahman to Anurag Kashyap, they have a show on Netflix

  • Dhruv Sehgal - Little Things Actor & Writer on Netflix

+25 More speakers // Check them out here.

What to Expect:
+ You will hang out with awesome speakers that we have curated.
+ Show-off your Tribe Badge
+ You will network & chill with 150+ Creators from across India
+ You will meet the awesome BHX and RTX tribe that we have created with so much love and effort
+ You will be in Corbett looking at the river for 3 nights straight, and you will live here.
+ You will also have the pleasure of hosting your own private bonfire session & even more cozy parties with the tribe while the festival happens at the property next door!



As creators we need the inspiration to create better work, diverse avenues to grow our skills, constant realignment with our core beliefs, challenges that push our boundaries, a constant stream of interesting + meaningful work and a tribe to collaborate with and have mentors that can help us grow.

F of X is designed at the intersection of all these things and more.


F of X will takeover a gorgeous, intimate + cozy property next to the river. Tarangi Resort and Spa is a 6-hour drive from the New Delhi airport and situated in Jim Corbett National Park. All rooms are equipped with 3 comfortable beds, plush washrooms and a balcony that opens to the festival. (Google Map)


What Next?

Step 1: Confirm your Spot

Invite for Tribe Only

What does the invite include?

+ Live & Hangout with over 30+ creative visionaries and leaders
+ Access to all sessions, workshops & activities in the heart, mind, body & soul zones
+ Luxury stay for 3-nights 4-days at the gorgeous riverside resort 5mins from the venue “Nadiya Parao” (shared with 2 other tribe member)
+ Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner buffets on all 3 days
+ Facilitated pickups and drop from New Delhi to Jim Corbett in the tribe bus / car (charged separately if you opt-in)
+ Access to tribe membership for a year: You will become part of a google email group with over 300+ creators, access to private and exclusive Masterclasses & Webinars online from the community.

Discounted Cost for Tribe Members

For the Tribe: The total fee for the Programme is INR 17k. The programme fee is inclusive of access to the entire festival, stay in a luxury resort next door, full spread buffets on all days and more.

Please confirm your spot at F of X by making the payment of INR17k below. Once you confirm your spot, you will get a confirmation email and next steps to plan for the festival. :) Simple!

We strongly recommend you to confirm your presence and flights for the festival as soon as possible.

Still have questions? Refer the FAQ page or write to us at


Step 2: Plan your Travel

Booking your Flights

Flying to New Delhi
The Bus will depart from Worldmark, Aerocity (Google Map Link) at 6:00 am on 21st Feb. You are advised to reach the boarding point at least 15 mins prior to departure on your own.

Flying back home
The festival will conclude at 2pm on 24th of February. We will aim to reach the airport by 11:30 pm on 24th Feb after the festival is over.

For suggested flights & more details see this document.

Roadtrip with F of X from New Delhi
to Jim Corbett and back

What could be more fun than getting on the road with creators even before the festival starts? The drive from Delhi to the venue is approx 7 hours + 30 mins for a pitstop, depending on traffic conditions :)

Once you confirm your spot, we will send you a preference form to opt in for F of X Bus. You will board the bus from Worldmark 1, Aerocity which is quite close to the New Delhi airport. Simple!

Opting-in for F of X facilitated pickup will be charged at cost to you. Approximately 3k for both ways. You can opt-in when we send you the confirmation email. :)


Step 3 - Invite your Friends/Co-Conspirators to F of X

It is awesome to bring your tribe to f of x. You get to learn together, travel together & live together. How to Invite Friends? Its simple! Just drop their names here and we will send them an invite. <3

PS: Convince them to come along and we will give you a further discount of INR 2.5k per confirmation.

PS: As they are not part of the tribe, they won’t be eligible for the tribe discount.


6 Reasons to attend F of X

unnamed (5).png

Live, Learn and Hangout with handpicked Creators & Creative Leaders

We believe conferences don't do justice to creators - by the time vibes start flowing and conversations peak, it is already time to wrap up and leave. That is why, at FofX everyone lives together! Giving you a chance to strike a conversation with absolutely anybody, anywhere- under the stars, in the woods, at the riverside or around the bonfire. Where else would you get this chance? 

unnamed (1).png

Find inspiration where you need it the most

FofX is all about seeking your magic and finding answers. And that magic could reside in your soul, your body, your heart or your mind. Exactly why we have designed 4 unique zones with the right set of speakers to inspire you. The festival will give you the space to realign (soul), get inspired (heart), learn the tricks of the trade (mind) & get movin' (body).

unnamed (2).png

Step up your Creative Game

At FofX, we are bringing together some of the most happening creators from the industry. The ones who have made things happen, have gorgeous vibes & are looking forward to share their secrets with you. Indulge in Sessions, Fireside Chats & Curated Workshops,  Get access to proven frameworks, Decode how others are making it happen - all in one place.

unnamed (1).png

Become a part of the tribe

FofX is an invite-only festival. If you receive an invite, you know you are going to find like-minded people just like you! A creative group of doers, dreamers and change makers. A community that proudly states itself as a tribe. Exchange skills, collaborate on projects and do much more with your new found connections after the festival!

unnamed (3).png

Get an action plan for your creative journey

You might be a creator, a business owner, a hustler on the side, a part-time artist, an explorer or a corporate misfit. But at this festival, every single conversation, every single interaction will help you craft an action plan for your creative journey. Absorb perspectives, ideas and learnings from the ones that have already figured it out .

unnamed (5).png

In this jungle, everybody is king

Ever imagined what it's like to wake up in a forest next to the river? It's time to make that imagination a reality. At FofX, you will stay in luxurious / mind-numbinglygorgeous / comfortable rooms (no camping & makeshift washrooms) with a balcony that opens to the festival! Just so YOU can focus on learning and conversations.


Formats at F of X

The Detailed Festival Agenda will be launched by January 5th, 2019 on the website.

Workshops and Masterclasses

Intimate Sessions with Speakers

Open Mics & Marketplace

Showcase Spaces by Young Brands

Live Performances in the evening

Participatory Installations


How is F of X different from every other festival?

  • We are erasing the boundaries between the speakers and you. Everyone stays & hangs together. Which means you can not just learn through sessions but also catch the speakers for one-on-one conversation through out the festival.

  • You will not only find value from the 30+ Speakers but also from the curated set of 150 Creators that will be invited to F of X.

  • Last but not the least, F of X is not just an experience, but a learning programme that will help you get clarity, find your next steps and more. It’s more of an investment rather than an expenditure.


Final Note: This is going to be the first edition of F of X. While we do everything to create this beautiful space, we also invite you invite you to come to F of X with lot of good energies, an open mind and help us to create a safe space where conversations can flow organically. We look forward to host you at F of X!

~Keep Creating~