We make diverse worlds collide!

The Experience Co is Travel Rethought. We design journeys & interventions for creators, doers & influencers that make things happen. Our projects are attended by entrepreneurs, professionals & creators from Art, VR, Music, Design, Tech, Films, Photography, Food, Events and more.

Our projects have enabled over 100 collaborations between creators from across the world in the past 4 years.

f(x) is designed by the folks at the Experience Co. // the creators behind Beachhouse Project - India’s first residency for creative entrepreneurs & Roadtrip Experience Project - World’s first generative travel experiment to create while on a roadtrip.


Creating Conversations & Collaborations between like-minded thinkers, doers & influencers.

Conversations that move mountains happen outside the comfort zone.

Choosing inspiration over competition for a stronger community and a way to meet like-minded thinkers.

We can do a lot by ourselves, we can do so much more with others.

Bonding through cohabitation and shared experience.

Its true, when people indulge in experiences together, good or bad, they bond at a different level.


Who are the guiding forces behind fofx?

fofx is designed and curated by the Experience Co. and a team of fantastic creators, doers & crazies from diverse worlds. The team at fofx holds a collective experience of 50+ years in designing programmes, creating conversation spaces & bringing diverse creators together.

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Jay, Founder & Curator

Jay’s X = To Enable

Jay has innate brilliance at designing experiences. He has always let his passions rule over profession by marrying the two. A nascent writer, photographer and avid lover of music, Jay finds his creative outlets by making other people meet their passion. With his initiatives at the Experience Co. - Roadtrip Experience, F of X & Beachhouse Project, he aims to create conversations amidst creators.

At the festival, you will find Jay creating conversations amidst doers & leaders.

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Ratnanjali, Head of Collabs

Ratnanjali’s X = Freedom to Express

Chasing dreams, fusing fields, reinventing the wheel and creating experiences – juggling from one to another – Ratnanjali’s unconditional love for design has her roped into multiple aspects of things like – designing graphics and space, curating exhibitions and managing the family business.

At the festival, you will find RJ running away from cameras and making things happen.

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Niteesh, Design Director

Niteesh’s X = Creation

Niteesh likes to call himself a curious designer. He has worked across design domains starting from print to complex user interfaces which includes one of India's most widely used mobile app. A thread that binds his interest in all these domains is "Typography". Niteesh is a Masters in Typeface Design from the University of Reading where he started his research on next-generation typefaces for AR headsets.

At the festival, you will find Niteesh taking pride in seeing his designs printed in full format & talking about his cool projects.

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Kratish, Head of Logistics

Kratish’s X = Self Belief

Kratish is and has always been the son of mavericks. Being extremely passionate about creating and executing events and experiences, he loves getting things done and getting them done damn right. Having worked with experiential event companies and has been a part of the global marketing team at Facebook.

At F of X, Kratish is going to ensure the life of every attendee at the festival is easy and breezy. Right from their arrivals to their experiences on ground, right up to their departures.


Namrata, Art Director

Namrata’s X = Learning

Fascinated by the structure of Guggenheim Museum at the age of 14, Namrata was determined to become an architect. Driven by her passion to curate visual content, she pursued communication design after. Combining her skill sets and with a will to create positive impact, she was involved in imparting life skills at the grassroots level by applying ‘reuse and recycle’ as core values.

At the festival, you will find Namrata hanging out with everybody and making sure the space enables you to dive deeper into your X.

Kushal, Content

Kushal’s X = Weaving New Stories

Kushal strongly believes that words are his only superpowers. A writer by profession, he has dabbled in the fields of journalism, advertising, filmmaking and experiential events, until he finally found his larger calling in bringing incredibly creative people together to create magic at The Experience Co.

At the festival, you will find Kushal playing really frustrating logic games and creating some amazing content with his crew.

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Vismaya, Social

Vismaya’s X = Celebrating People

Vismaya hails from the heritage city of Mysore. This Marketing major was always interested in pursuing a career in advertising. She has had some memorable stints with Odigma, Ogilvy & Mather (which is currently just Ogilvy) and a new and upcoming integrated agency in Bangalore which is creating ripples in the ad field - Brave New World, where she held the position of Sr. Digital Planning Manager.

At the festival, you will find Vismaya making everyone else jealous who aren’t at the festival and conducting candle making workshops.

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Sonal, Programme Designer

Sonal’s X = Learning Everyday

A Laureate Global Fellow (2018), a Microsoft Youthspark Ambassador (2015) and a World Merit Fellow (2014), Sonal is a doer of interesting things. She runs a company in menstrual health, designs and facilitates learning programmes in India & overseas, builds communities and makes learning fun. She thinks deep, lives fierce and practises the art of zen.

At the festival, you will find Sonal running the programme she has co-designed and delivering insights and learning to you.

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Tanya, Head of Vibes

Tanya’s X = Try Everything

An adventurer at heart, Tanya creates creative immersions with BHX Project - a residency that brings creative vanguards together. She is an educator & the founder of Loud Minds, an initiative to enable future leaders to discover their calling through experiential journeys and purposeful travel.

At the festival you will find Tanya helping restless souls to calm down and spreading sunshine vibes.

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Roshnee, Production Head

Roshnee’s X = Learning Everyday

Roshnee is, as people like to call her, a 'social butterfly' who loves to meet and make new friends constantly. She has been working in the arts and music scene for the last 5 years in Bangalore and comes with experience with working on festivals like Kitsch Mandi and Backdoors by The Humming Tree. Currently based out of Madras, Roshnee is making things happen with The Experience Co.

At the festival, you will find Rosh being a cool cat & making sure everything is running on point (and on time).